Current Trilogy Grantees
The Paul Revere House
Generations Incorporated
Artists for Humanity
Grantee NameGrantee Description
2019: Boston Youth Symphony TBD
2019: Inquilines Boricuas en Accion TBD
2019: The Boch Center for the Performing Arts TBD
2018: Artists for Humanity TBD
2018: Cantata Singers The Cantata Singers Classroom Cantatas program guides young students in creating their own musical compositions, “cantatas,” even though most of their schools offer no other music programs and most of the students have no formal musical training. In residencies that range from four-week, after-school workshops to 18-session, semester-long classes, students from participating schools work with Teaching Artists—musicians from Cantata Singers—to compose and perform original songs about subjects they are studying in class or about larger cultural and historical issues. Past cantata topics have included the American Revolution, Factors of Weather, Mexican Culture, immigration, the Civil Rights Movements, Mathematics, poetic devices, and the antebellum religious treatment of African Americans. Our 2018 Trilogy Grant with the Cantata Singers will support expansion of the Classroom Cantata Program as well as review and improvement of the curriculum.
2018: Dedham School of Music The Dedham School of Music's mission is to culturally enrich the town of Dedham and surrounding communities by providing a supportive environment for musicians of all ages and abilities to perform, create, appreciate and learn to play music. The 2018 Trilogy grant for The Dedham School of Music will be used to enhance and expand the various ensembles that are part of the Public School Music Partnership Programs.
2018: Handel and Haydn Society The Handel and Haydn Society’s innovative Karen S. and George D. Levy Education Program provides music education to children in communities throughout eastern Massachusetts. The 2018 Trilogy grant for The Handel and Hayden Society will be used to support the Pathway to Music Literacy Program that brings music education to public schools that would otherwise not have music classes.
2017: 826 Boston 826 Boston is a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization that empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life. We believe that every student has a story to tell. Our Trilogy Grant supports our one-of-a-kind After-School Writing and Tutoring Program: through individualized attention from trained and caring tutors, 826 Boston improves writing while publishing the amazing stories of our students.
2017: Project STEP Project STEP (String Training Education Program, or STEP) addresses the underrepresentation of Blacks and Latinos in classical music by providing musically-talented children from Greater Boston with a comprehensive string instrument training program that changes the course of their lives. Every graduate has attended college or conservatory, finding success as musicians, students, and as young adults. Our Trilogy Grant is supporting STEP’s summer program which provides students with access to some of the best music camps nationwide. Attending multi-week day or overnight camps enables students to bond with peers, gain inspiration and confidence, and develop significant musical, social, and life skills.
2017: Raw Art Works Since 1988, Raw Art Works (RAW) has ignited the desire to create and the confidence to succeed in underserved youth. Using art therapy techniques, we offer Lynn youth, ages 7-19, alternative opportunities for development, learning, and success. Our 2017 Trilogy Grant supports our programming for “art-motivated” teens. Youth gain the communication, artistic, and leadership skills that prepare them for life after high school. Even though many youth join with no intention of pursuing the arts, they find their artistic passion and purpose at RAW. Teens develop and refine their portfolios and film reels for scholarships, college applications, and their careers.
2017: Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center Thompson Island Outward Bound’s flagship program model, Connections, combines hands-on science lessons with the best of Outward Bound’s approach to social emotional learning, leadership, compassion and service. Middle school students can attend Connections programs during the school year, for a 5 week summer day program, and/or take part in summer backpacking and kayaking expeditions. Our 2018 Trilogy Grant supports the ongoing enhancement and expansion of the Connections Program.