Reporting Information for Grant Recipients 
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Boston Youth Symphony ICP Program

Interim Report

There are no interim reports required for Single Year Grants. Trilogy Grantees are required to submit yearly updates before receiving thier next year's grant check.

Final Report

This report should be sent to the Foundation at the end of the grant period. This is either one year from receipt of your grant, or it can be sent earlier if the project for which the grant was received is completed before the end of one year.

Please note: You may not apply for a new grant until at least a preliminary report is filed from your previous grant. If this applies to your organization, please email a preliminary report for your previous year grant before the October 1 new application deadline.  

This report should be sent via email to

COVER SECTION -- please include:

Name of Organization:
Name/Title of Person preparing this Report:
Phone Number:
Purpose of Grant:
Period covered by this report:

EVALUATION SECTION -- please include answers to the following as appropriate:


  1. Have there been any major changes in your organization or leadership since the grant was awarded?


  1. What is the current status of the project?
  2. How does this status compare to the project plan?
  3. Have you made any changes to the scope, plan, goals or expectations of the project?
  4. What successes and accomplishments have you experienced to date?  What do you see as the most notable accomplishment?
  5. What internal and external factors have contributed to or impeded the success of this project?
  6. Have there been any major changes from the proposed financials for the project?
  7. What has been learned from this project?  What aspect worked the best? What would you do differently if you had the chance?
  8. What evaluation of the project have you done and what are the results?
  9. What are the measurable outcomes? (How many people have been involved, how many hours, any other measurable activities.)
  10. What are your plans, if any, to continue the work of this project?


  1. If you wish, you may attach links or pdfs of any articles, materials, newsletters, photos, etc. that have been published regarding this particular project that will assist in our understanding of your accomplishments.