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The Ramsey McCluskey Family Foundation is a small private foundation started by Meg Ramsey in 1999 and dedicated to the support of projects in arts education and general education. 

The Foundation has a yearly grant making budget of approximately $250,000. Each year the Foundation awards eighteen - twentyfive Single-Year Grants, three - four Scholarship Fund Grants and four Trilogy Grants. Single-Year Grants may be up to $7500.  Scholarship Fund Grants are for $2500. Trilogy Grants are three-year grants totaling $25,000 over three years ($10,000 in year one and $7500 in years two and three). Grants are generally given for specific projects or programs that can show measurable results.  Grants are usually NOT given for general operating expenses, endowments, sponsorship of performances, or building funds. 

Areas of Interest

The Foundation has two areas of interest that often coincide.

1.        Arts Education:  The Foundation will consider proposals for projects in any area of pre-school through high school hands-on arts education.  We are particularly interested in projects with sustained contact for students. Please note that our limited budget does not allow us to sponsor performing arts events. In 2020, almost three quarters of our grant budget went to arts education projects.

2.        General Education: The Foundation will consider proposals for projects in Pre-school through High School level education. We are committed to helping students become excited and engaged in learning, whether it is in the school environment, after-school, or in other settings.  In 2020, approximately one-quarter of the grant budget targeted general education projects. .  

Geographic Criteria

The Foundation is local in scope and limits new grantmaking to a fifty mile radius of our MetroWest Boston (Lincoln) location.