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Does the Foundation consider multi-Year proposals?

Except for the Trilogy Grants, the Foundation does not consider multi-year grant requests. 

Does the Foundation accept the AGM Application format?

The AGM format is accepted for Single Year Grants, however there are two additional questions about specific fit to our mission and evaluation that we would request you be sure to include. Please see the How to Apply section for more details. 

We are an Arts Organization that presents several concerts each year. Will the Foundation be a sponsor?

Sorry, the Foundtion does not sponsor performances, galas, or other events. 

Can an Organization ask for a Grant more than once?

An Organization may apply for a grant once during the Foundation's fiscal year of April 1 to March 31.   An Organization may apply for and receive a grant in up to three consecutive fiscal years.   If an Organization receives a grant in three consecutive years, the Organization must wait at least one fiscal year before again submitting a grant application to the Foundation. 

What sort of feedback will the Foundation require?

The Foundation requires a comprehensive written report at the conclusion of the grant period.   Trilogy Grants require yearly reports.   Details of the reporting requirements are provided at the time a grant is awarded and are also found in the Reporting section of this website.